Kraptastic Krafts: holy edition

One of my favorite things is finding the kraptacular in unexpected places. I went to church with my sister and her husband back in Missouri and was delighted to find this decked out bathroom immediately adjacent to the sanctuary of the country church. I'm talking, literally adjacent. The door to the bathroom is right at the end of a row of pews, so close you could nearly reach out and open it while listening to the sermon, or if the spirit moved, a kraptastic duet.

Seriously, what is up with the tandem toilets?

[I apologize for the poor image quality. I was trying to be sneaky about taking the pictures.]

As you might expect, this particular church participates in ritual potlucks on a bi-weekly basis. Lovely.

Material: fabric, lace, embellished vintage Home Interiors decor items, silk flowers, terracotta pots, and only the good Lord knows what else
Technique: sewing mostly
Location: AG church, Southwest Missouri


daine said...

i stray from tandem use. funny thing is every one does use. last week i was an addict not a user due to some bad gumbo, and next thing i know i am doing tandem with a billionaire who was having a conversation on his iPhone about his helicopter being serviced and having to take the car service. When i had completed my "task at hand" i peered out the window at the circle drive below and there was a long black car that was not made for circular drives parked there. This should probably be a Post secret, but i don't care how much money he has, he did not wash his hands,and that is gross.

Sylko said...

Could be so mom and child could go to the potty at the same time? Family bathrooms usually have one regular toilet, and one child sized one.

Elizabeth Jayne said...


I don't even care if it's meant for mom/child tandem use... still weird.

Tia the Hissing Goose said...

Dear Lard. I think I'm bothered more about the public doilies on the tanks than the tandem issue. Skeevy!