What the hell is it: corn edition

Ok, so this craft is obviously corn on the cob. But beyond that...what it is it? Crocheted, I know that. But was it meant to be functional or merely decorative? I always like to assume a functional intent on the creator's part, because that, in my opinion, epitomizes the Krafter Spirit: kreating a beautiful object intended to solve a particular life problem.Also, the fact that this cob was left with an open slit in the back makes it appear that maybe it was not simply part of a crocheted Thanksgiving cornucopia centerpiece. (Although if it *was* that would be super awesome, too. I would totally buy it.)

So, some ideas:
Maybe it was intended to be a cozy of some sort.

A remote cozy?
A microphone cozy?

An eyeglass cozy?

A cell phone cozy?
Or maybe...it was meant to be precisely what it has came to be used for in our house: play food!


Anonymous said...

Maybe it is corn for corn's sake.

Cute baby!

Sharon said...

Your blog is brilliant! It's fantastic! In fact--it's downright kraptadelic! I'm posting it with my other "Crafty Gallows Humor" links. Hope you update soon--I want more!

Sharon the Crafty Bag Lady

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what this is and still have the book with the pattern in it. The book I have for an open corn like that says it's for pot holders. The handle goes into the slot.

Krazy Krafter said...

Anon, that is awesome. I can't believe you even have the pattern. If you can email me a picture I will post it with the corn.

Jobs Tamworth Staffs said...

I love the corn! Very awesome end cute!!!

Fanboy Wife said...

I thought the faux corn on the cob was fairly entertaining, until I saw the different objects inside of it... Then I thought it was hilarious!