Bathroom Krap

Here is a fine example of the ubiquitous decorative towel set. At least, it seemed ubiquitous when I was growing up. Every house (but my own) had these do-not-use towels on display.  I used them on more than one occasion. I would carefully wipe my hands on the back side and make sure I straightened them before I left. Yah, I was such a rebel. Actually, this set seems far more kitschy-cool than the ones from my memory that were embellished with pre-gathered lace and pearls by the yard and invariably covered in dust. ick.

I don't have any those, but I do have this set. Fun, huh?

Material: terry cloth towels, cotton crochet thread
Technique: crochet
Provenance: unknown, SW Missouri


Julia D said...

wow. that is really, really bad. I'm so jealous I didn't find it first ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm going to share a secret with you. My mother-in-law had some awfully ugly hand towels in her bathroom from looooong before the time I first met my husband's parents in 2005. I think the towels were retired last summer. God knows how long they were up before that! Anyways, my husband told me he used to wipe his boogers on those towels. But, since they were dusty, it all blended in!