Variegated Rooster Potholder

Potholders provide many exciting opportunities for the Kraptastic Krafter. Everyone needs potholders, plus they are small items that are usually easy to make. Fun times all around.

I assume this rooster was intended to be a potholder. I could be wrong though. Let me know if you have another idea as to what its intended purpose was.

It has one obvious design flaw, which I demonstrate in the photo below. It cannot hold its own head upright. [Insert bad joke here.]

Material: yarn (variegated browns, brown, red, yellow)
Technique: crochet
Provenance: Southwest Missouri


lara said...

This is so rad, I wish there was a way to hang it and have its head propped up!

Enjoy your visit with your mom! Tell her to bring me some sugar back from Tommy! ;)

Jess said...

Oh man, this blog is going to be entertaining!