Frizzy haired doll in wicker chair

Just to clarify, not all bad crafts are kraptastic. Some are just crappy and/or dumb. There are a special few, though, that have the ellusive quality that makes them thoroughly impressive. Often, kraptastic krafts earn recognition simply because they are so splendidly kraptacular they command notice. In other instances, the kraft may appear trite at first glance, but closer inspection reveals that the krafters have gone that extra mile--added an admirable dash of ingenuity--that makes the kraft something really special. This is the kraft item that has been kreated to be both functional and (at least in someone's opinion) beautiful.

At first, I passed over this kraptastick kraft as just another fugly piece of of dusty krap at the Goodwill store. On closer inspection, however, I realized that dolly had some hidden talents that katupulted her into the sphere of kraptastic.

She is embellished at every turn with plastic string pearls, lace and ribbon. When I looked at her in the store I accidentally knocked her off her pedestal and that is when I discovered the first surprise: her kreator thoughtfully krafted (and embellished!) a potpourri-filled lace cushion for her tiny bum.

I sat her down rather abruptly and she started playing music. So not only is this doll decorative, she will also fill your room with the malodorous scent of Wal-Mart potpourri and delight your ears with a tinny, off-key version of "It's a Small World."

Material: doll, frizzy hair, fabric, lace, ribbon, plastic pearls, wicker, potpourri
Technique: sewing, glue gunning, ribbon weaving
Provenance: Goodwill, SF Bay Area

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lara said...

that is... ghastly. truly, just foul.