Dishtowel Britches

On my last trip to Missouri, I caught a couple of local craft shows. At one, about 4 or 5 different vendors were selling these dishtowel britches. I wasn't going to buy one until I found this gem. I confess: I bought it solely because of the little note attached. Brilliant.

Don)t get excited
Don)t louse your head
These are not for you
but your dishes instead
Untie the yarn pull Out
the stiteches you now
have two dishclothes
But you have lost your

Material: dish towel, yarn, paper
Technique: towel folding, yarn tying, typing
Provenance: community kraft sale, Southwest Missouri


marybt said...

I hate when I louse my head.

How come you get to be blessed with so many trips to Missouri?

Anonymous said...

I remember growing up and helping my mom make these for family Christmas presents...yep that's right Christmas (and you thought your parents were weird)