Scary Krafts

Clowns are scary. Tacky, handmade, decorative clowns are even scarier.

It's hard to know for sure what the intent of this kreation was. Unless there is a piece missing, my best guess is that it was made to set on a shelf with the legs dangling off. For my impromptu photo shoot, I put it on the end of a broom. It has a stiff cylinder inside that was quite suitable for this display method.

The head is a foam craft ball covered with pantyhose. Felt features are affixed using straight pins, which indicates that this baby is true vintage krap!

My favorite thing about the clown is the awkwardly lumpy, decidedly not pointy hat.

Material: fabric, yarn, pom pom, felt, foam ball, panty hose, straight pins, cardboard tube, batting
Technique: pantyhose stuffing, sewing, pinning
Provenance: consignment sale, Joplin, Missouri


injeanieous said...

Clowns freak me out. This is your worst craft so far...

I do craft shows around Southwest Missouri. I'll find you some krap - no doubt.

isgood said...

HAHA! I love your blogs, so much more than my own. You are truly an inspiration!

marybt said...

I have a theory about things like this ... I'm pretty sure that the American Psychiatric Association hires people to make them and give them to small children so that they (the Psychiatrists) can be assured of future income. LOL.

Injeanieous is correct. There's a lot of good krap in SW Missouri. There's even an STD Flea Market.

Anonymous said...

If this were brought into my home it would meet with an untimely disposal.