One that got away

Sometimes at night I lie awake regretting the decluttering spree that resulted in the loss of one particularly kraptastic gem. (I knew that decluttering could come to know good end. Darn Flylady.) I even went back to the Goodwill where I dropped it off, hoping that it had stayed in that location, but no luck. It was a long shot. The best I can do now is try to paint a word picture for you, and really, when it comes to krap, my words usually fail.

Picture this if you can: a scrub brush. It is made from the carefully cut-out handle of a plastic milk jug. The scrubby part is gathered tulle in a pleasant shade between lavender & purple. The scrubby part is affixed to the milk jug handle with some very pretty purple crocheting. The whole functional item turns FUNtional with the addition of a beautiful plastic purple flower at the top of the handle.

::sigh:: It was perfection. Why did I ever put it in the give-away box? I'm still sad about that decision.


madhousewife said...

As is posterity, madam. You've made a valiant effort to keep its memory alive, all the same.

Anonymous said...

Oh my friend...I have had a difficult week and coming across your blog has made my day. I haven't laughed so loud in a long time. Thanks. And good luck finding all of those wonderful Kraptastic Krafts. Life is Good.
Amy W.